Thursday, June 29, 2006

Project Proposal

Dear Daniel and Classmates,

Our proposal is developing an application such that it could help Hong Kong visitors learn more about our tourist attractions. Currently, the Hong Kong tourism commission is using a hyperlink under the web to introduce different "attractions and 18 districts" to our visitors.

However, it is find that they are in the form of information only which do not have any visual interaction with the web surfers.

Scope of work

Proposed add-on visual/interactive ideas for these attractions are:

1) identify the bus, tram, boat and other routes to these different attractions

2) highlight some attraction important parameters (i.e. visitors count, opening hours, entry fee, discount for overseas visitors, etc) for web surfers

3) hyperlink to these attraction websites

4) faciliate its entry ticket booking, etc

5) propose route to visitors for their planning of trip (e.g. what attractions are suitable for your one day or two days local trip)

Since this proposed scope of work is very preliminary, we will add more nice features to this project in the later stage.

Technical Issues

Developing tool is using "Macromedia Flash" for this project. There may have the limitation of this software, we will revise the scope of work accordingly if necessary.

Please kindly comment and suggest some functionality you find interest.


Terence and Amy


At 3:31 AM, Blogger Beryl said...

Apparently, tourism is one of the major concerns in Hong Kong economic activities. It is a very good idea to promote tourism of Hong Kong by turning the information into a learning object. At the same time, I think it is also a great challenge to make the information interactive.


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